Thursday, January 31, 2013

UK Roku Official Channels - News, Weather, Sport Genre

So, here we are again... continuing the epic saga (in the making) that is Roku in the UK.

Today we embark on our third voyage of discovery, in our quest to reveal the names of all the currently available channels from the "Official" Roku Channel Store in the UK. As promised in my last post, the genre coming under scrutiny this time falls within the "News, Weather, Sport" category and is comprised of the one hundred and fifty-three channels outlined below:-

001. Weather Underground
002. Euronews
003. Blinkx UK
004. Wall Street Journal Live
005. 8ctave HD
006. CNBC
007. Fox News Channel
008. Sports by Blinkx
009. All Fitness TV
010. NHL
011. UFCTV
012. Weather4us
013. Newsy
014. RT (Russia Today)
015. MLB.TV
016. Demand The Outdoors
017. Tagesschau
018. SEC Digital Network
019. Sportfishing with Dan
020. NTD Television
021. NetFit Free
022. Sail TV
023. No Agenda Show and Stream
024. DailyBurn
025. Gilad TV
026. XOS College Sports
028. TheSURFnetwork
029. MileSplit TV
030. NTD Television English
031. TMP Outdoors
032. GoFightLive
033. Fightbox Live
034. PressTV
035. The Motley Fool
036. MY Combat Channel
037. Pilates Anytime
038. TV Imedi
039. IWL Pro Wrestling
040. Sky News
041. TheSNOWnetwork
042. The Dove Newsroom
043. Addictive Fishing
044. NowThisNews
045. TheMOTOnetwork
047. BBC News
048. Driving Sports TV
049. Dwyer Boxing & Sports News
050. Ben Swann - Truth In Media
051. PostTV
052. Free Speech TV
053. TheBlaze TV
054. The Real News
056. Dodgers Nation
057. Lakers Nation
058. Corinthians USA
059. USASF
060. MY FOX LA News
061. MY FOX Detroit News
062. MY FOX NY News
063. MY FOX Atlanta News
064. MY FOX Chicago News
065. MY FOX Boston News
066. WRAL News Raleigh Durham
067. MY FOX Philly News
068. MY FOX DFW News
069. MY FOX DC News
070. MY FOX Tampa Bay News
071. In The Fight FREE
072. Boxing
073. WSMV News
074. Fox12 Oregon
075. KCTV News
076. WPLG News
077. KSAT News
078. WDIV News
079. WNYT News
080. KSTP Mpls-St.Paul News, Weather
081. KOB News
082. News by Fawesome.TV
083. BBC Sport
085. WHEC News
086. Ace Pro Wrestling Network
087. The Cube [formerly High School Cube]
088. Vaporvue
089. Boxing TV
090. Pursuit Channel
091. Al Alam
092. Pro Tips 4u
093. NFL Now
094. KPRC News
095. WKMG News
096. WJXT News
097. MY FOX Orlando
098. MY FOX Austin News
099. MY FOX Memphis News
100. MY FOX Houston News
101. MY 9 New Jersey News
102. FNTSY Sports Network
103. MY FOX Phoenix News
104. WEMT News Tri-Cities
105. MY FOX Twin Cities News
106. Eyewitness News 9 Charlotte
107. Eyewitness News 9 Orlando
108. KIRO 7 Eyewitness News
109. The Burnie Thompson Show
110. WCYB News Bristol
111. WPXI News
112. Business Life by Fawesome.TV
113. Sports by Fawesome.TV
114. Secure Freedom Channel
115. TheLipTV
116. Newsbreaker TV
117. Close Combat
118. KTNV Channel 13 Action News
119. SE Video
120. BOOMTV Sports
121. The American Digital Network
122. Ball Is Life
123. Zoomin.TV Sports
124. Vegas Sports Advisors
125. TVNweather On Demand
126. StructureFishing Show
127. One America News Network
128. Financial Times
129. BuckingBull TV
130. BakoTUBE
131. CB24
132. Time
133. WWE Network
134. Sports Illustrated
135. The Daily Cut
136. Baseball by Fawesome.TV
137. Basketball by Fawesome.TV
138. Bloomberg TV
139. Canal del FĂștbol
140. The Golf Channel
141. MascotInsider
142. Indie Wrestling Channel
143. Soccer by Fawesome.TV
144. Sports & Outdoors by Videojug
145. WXC TV
146. WinnersView
147. GoPro [N.B. NOT ON 'Roku LT' OR 'Roku 2 XS' MODELS]
148. Fit4U
149. Junior Sports Channel
150. XHIT
151. Weekend Business Report
152. The Michael Warbux News Show
153. Zoomin.TV News


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 24th May 2015 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 23rd May 2015. Therefore, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when the "News, Weather, Sport" category listing was compiled.


This brings the total number of channels listed (so far) to 500, from a total of 1,669 in the store, meaning we're now well over one quarter of the way through our task of listing every channel in the channel store. Hopefully, by now, you have seen plenty to whet your appetite and are perhaps even tempted to join the Roku UK revolution, if you haven't already done so. If not, then stay tuned for the next installment in this series, when I reveal details of yet another channel store category for you.

"What's that?", I hear you ask.

Well, according to my notes, the next genre to benefit from an itemised listing will be "Music", which includes no less than one hundred and eight channels of audio delight for your listening pleasure !!

It's a collection of both the obvious and the less obvious but does include both USB media players and a Squeezebox client, as well as an assortment of radio players and even a karaoke channel or two...

So, if any of that tickles your fancy then be sure to come back soon for the full lowdown.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

UK Roku Official Channels - Games Genre

Hello, again !!

**************** IMPORTANT NOTICE ****************

Following a major expansion in the selection of available channel store genres (i.e. categories) on UK Roku devices, to bring them in-line with those in the "Official" Roku USA Channel Store, this "Games" category listing has been replaced with another list of Roku "Games" channels, FOUND HERE, and (consequently) there will be no more updates to this post from the end of May 2015.



From an historic reference-point, however, I shall be leaving this general overview (i.e. listing) of the eighty-five channels which made up the "Games" genre in the "Official" UK Roku Channel Store just prior to the shake-up of channel store categories in late May / early June of 2015:-

02. Downhill Bowling 2
03. Storm in a Teacup
04. Super Stickman Golf
05. Anna Montana Demo
06. Escape
07. Frisbee Forever
09. Danger Derby
10. Mouse About
11. Fieldrunners
12. Chop Chop Runner
13. Super Crossfire
14. Muffin Knight
15. Castle Warriors
16. Jeopardy!
17. Chop Chop Slicer
18. Rope Rescue
19. Rogue
20. Family Solitaire
21. Anna Montana
22. Cobra Game Pack (Storm in a Teacup, Mouse About & Danger Derby)
23. Adventure Game Pack (Castle Warriors, Super Crossfire, Chop Chop Runner & Chop Chop Slicer)
24. Kids Game Pack (Downhill Bowling 2, Frisbee Forever, Muffin Knight & Rope Rescue)
25. Four In A Row (aka Connect 4)
26. PokerHD
27. Blackjack!
28. GandK Reversi!
29. Mah Jongg
30. Photo Puzzle
31. The Memory Game
32. Retro Tennis
33. GlobalTrade
34. Double Draw Solo Poker
35. BORK
36. Brain Puck
37. Candy Bear
38. Galaga
39. Pac-Man Championship Edition
40. Pathogen
41. Gem Girl
42. Torah Word Search Game
43. Match'Em
44. TicTacToe
45. Escape Goat
46. Herman The Hermit
48. Word Search
49. Somyeol HD [ROKU 3 and ROKU 2 XS ONLY]
50. Coconut Dodge [ROKU 3 ONLY]
51. Propel Man [ROKU 3 ONLY]
52. Shut The Box
53. Birdie
54. 6th Planet [ROKU 3 ONLY]
55. Logic
56. Floyd's Hat Grab
57. Minesweeper
58. Talisman Prologue [ROKU 3 ONLY]
59. Bubble Wrap
60. Pathogen 2
61. MiniGolf
62. FLIP
63. Mazes
64. Mazes Plus
65. 2048 TV
66. Dots
67. Trivia Channel
68. Little Flapper
69. 2048 Challenge
70. Swag Runner
71. Tetris [ROKU 3 and ROKU STICK ONLY]
72. Poppin Casino [ROKU 3 ONLY]
73. PartyTrivia
74. Casino Slots [ROKU 3 ONLY]
75. HangMan
76. Breakeroids [ROKU 3 ONLY]
77. Word Hook [ROKU 3 ONLY]
78. Dance Party [ROKU 3 ONLY]
79. Retaliate
80. DownFall [ROKU 3 ONLY]
81. Trivia TV
82. Let's Park [ROKU 3 ONLY]
83. BuildnBash [ROKU 3 ONLY]
84. Robreed - Flippin' Awesome [ROKU 3 ONLY]
85. Red Card Rampage [ROKU 3 ONLY]


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 24th May 2015 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 23rd May 2015. As mentioned in the "IMPORTANT NOTICE", at the start of this post, this listing will no longer be maintained from here on and you should (instead) refer to the new "Games" listing, FOUND HERE, for an up-to-date summary of all Roku channels in the "Games" genre.


Monday, January 28, 2013

UK Roku Official Channels - Film & TV Genre

Welcome back, folks !!

**************** IMPORTANT NOTICE ****************

Following a major expansion in the selection of available channel store genres (i.e. categories) on UK Roku devices, to bring them in-line with those in the "Official" Roku USA Channel Store, this "Film & TV" category has been replaced by an "Movies & TV" category, FOUND HERE, and (consequently) there will be no more updates to this blog post from the end of May 2015 onwards.



From an historic reference-point, however, I shall be leaving this general overview (i.e. listing) of the two hundred & sixty-two channels which made up the "Film & TV" genre in the "Official" UK Roku Channel Store just prior to the shake-up of channel store categories in late May / early June of 2015:-

001. Netflix
002. BBC iPlayer
003. NOW TV (Powered by Sky)
004. SnagFilms
005. ROK Cinema
006. Flixster
007. Popcornflix
008. Midnight Pulp
009. Vanguard Cinema
010. Moonlight Movies
011. Pop Flix Classic Movies
012. Classic Romance
013. Xtreme Films
014. Pub-D-Hub
015. Cafe Noir
016. Pop Flix Classic TV
017. Crunchyroll
018. American Pop
019. Big Media TV
020. World Worth Watching
021. Asian Crush
022. IndieFlix
023. Cinematio
024. Hellenic CYTA
025. Looking Glass
026. Movie Vault
027. Old Time Radio Network
028. VIZZ Classic
029. House of Horrors
030. C.O.D.E. TV
031. Classic Westerns
032. HonduTV
033. Superman Classics
034. Asian Crush Plus
035. The Patrick Phillips Show
036. Jonathan Bird's Blue World
037. Paranormal Reality TV
038. Focus Reality TV
039. Vanguard Cinema PLUS
040. TV3 3Player
041. The Ocean Network
042. Threshold Plus
043. Honor
044. BYUtv
045. The Man Channel
046. GoDigital
047. Afrotainment HD
048. FlickStream TV
049. FYDO
050. Cartoon Club
051. ROK Hard Kung Fu
052. Indie Crush
053. Nollywood Cinema
054. Family TV
055. Paranormal Reality.TV - HD Zone
056. Paranormal Reality.TV - Free Zone
057. Pilot TV
058. TMZ
059. UrbanPix
060. Cult Radio A-Go-Go! - CRAGG
061. Viewster
062. Demand 5
063. Toon Goggles
064. Digital Tele Networks
065. NFB Films - National Film Board of Canada
066. VODWiz
067. ZomBee
068. Cloud Movies
069. Premiere (Movie Channel)
070. Always Summer TV
071. ROK Toons
072. Saddle Up! Westerns
073. Moving Art
074. The Director's Chair
075. Cartoon Keepsakes
076. Oh, The Horror!
077. BigStar
078. The Roth Show
079. Creepster.TV
080. The BW
081. ScreenMagicTV
082. Retro Family Christmas Theater
083. Cinema Terror Radio!
084. Dieselpunk Industries TV
085. Horror Flicks
086. DOCU
087. Classic Cartoons
088. Christmas At The Drive-In
089. Science Fiction
090. Outlaw Westerns
091. Classic Christmas TV
092. All 4 [formerly 4oD]
093. Full Moon
094. Sky Store
095. Go Indie TV Freeview
096. SlingPlayer for Roku
097. 99 Cent Movie Channel
098. Black Belt TV
099. Cowboy Classics
100. Drive-In Classics
101. Kung-Fu Theater
102. GaiamTV
103. Timeless Television
104. Six Gun Cinema
105. Warren Miller
106. Toontime TV
107. Movie & Music Network
108. Rede iTV
109. Retro Tech Time Machine
110. Cryptic Television
111. Public Domain Movies And Series
112. MiCasa Network
113. Spud's Funny Channel
114. Media Browser
115. SnagXtreme
116. Toontime 2
117. Military Chronicle
118. Stop It Or You'll Go Blind!
119. John At The Movies
120. Eurochannel
121. Kartoons
122. Kung Fu Classics
123. Bizarre TV
124. OVGuide
125. The Weirdness Really Bad Movie
126. Labrecque Art And Film
127. Depressing Prospects Films
128. cdsavoia
129. Classic Live Action Kids TV
130. Space
131. Space TV
132. iFlixTV Lite
133. iFlixTV Pro
134. Spud's Crime And Punishment
135. Clutch Cargo
136. Badass TV
137. Unlock TV
138. Recon
139. My Gun TV
140. Spud's Cliffhanger Collection
141. JumpingJack
142. FunnyForFree
143. Logan's World TV
144. The Movie Trailer Channel
145. Movee4U Free
146. ITV Player
147. Chill-Out TV
148. Maddy GTV Free
149. Timeless TV Westerns
150. Paranormal Activity Channel
151. Lakay HD Network
152. MTD Studio Classics
153. The Cult Movie Network
154. Sci-Fi Classic TV Shows
155. Ad-Free Timeless Television
156. Comedy Classics Station
157. Kung Fu Flix
158. More Classic Kids TV
159. Muevi
160. Grindhouse Channel
161. WURA
163. Ad-Free Crime and Punishment
164. American Dreaming
165. Classic Horror Movies
166. Olive Tree TV [formerly Olive Tree Pictures]
167. Kiddovid
168. AfroMediaTV
169. Spud's Trailer Trash
170. Digital Drive-In
171. Backlight
172. Toontime HD
173. The Starlost
174. Emby [formerly Media Browser for Roku]
175. The Screening Room
176. Red Eye
177. Super Hero 101
178. Cape Television
179. World War Channel
180. He TV
181. Spud's Cowboy Movies
182. Vintage Halloween Spooktacular
183. This Is Daniel Cook
184. Let's All Go To The Lobby!
185. Toontime HD - Ad Free
186. Spud's Ad-Free Cowboy Movies
187. Ad-Free Toontime Premium
188. CultMovies TV Trailers
189. ACFF On Demand - American Conservation Film Festival
190. Google Play Movies & TV
191. American Dreaming (Premium)
192. VeryFunny
193. Retro Halloween Theater
194. The Chaplin Channel
195. Classic Comedy Channel
196. Awesome Sci-Fi
197. Aliens and Cowboys
198. Films and Stars
199. Movies [by Fawesome.TV]
200. Zoomin.TV Movies
201. IAMflix
202. American Cowboy Classics
203. JibberJabber Animation Studios
204. Horror-SciFi-Fantasy
205. Toontime Christmas Ad Free
206. PhillyCAM
207. Sainsburys Entertainment
208. AWE
209. Princeton TV
210. Time Life
211. Art Of Seduction
212. Toontime Christmas
213. Adventure Awaits
214. Extreme Sports
215. Film Festival Favorites
216. Family Christmas Cinema
217. Real Marines
219. VHX
220. SundanceNow Doc Club
221. Crime and Drama
222. AMGTV
223. KMVT
224. British Movie And TV
225. MoovieTyme
226. Movie Trailers by Zype
227. Spies, P.I.s & Bounty Hunters
228. Sherlock Holmes Heaven
229. Robin Hood Heaven
230. Mystery Movie Night
231. War Movie Channel
232. Dramatic Television Night
233. Dramatic Movie Night
234. AfroMovies TV
235. ANTV - African Network TV
236. Movie Club
237. Silent Night
238. Blood Moon
239. Timeless Toons
240. Miss Misery's Movie Massacre
241. Spud's Chop Socky
242. Fifties TV
243. Safe TV
244. Super Star Movie Channel
245. Cowboy Star Movie Channel
246. Super Starlet Movie Channel
247. Almost Famous Film Festival
248. Cult TV A-Go-Go! - CTAGG
249. Red Bull TV
250. CinemaNow
251. The Movie Loft
252. Classic Reel
254. Musical Movie Memories
255. The Movie Channel
256. NollyLand - African Movies
257. FBN Live TV
258. Classic Live TV
259. Stream Now TV
260. Fizzy
261. American Cartoon Classics
262. Universal Newsreel Ad Free


PLEASE NOTE:- This information was last updated on Sunday 24th May 2015 with all channel details accurate as of Saturday 23rd May 2015. As mentioned in the "IMPORTANT NOTICE", at the start of this post, this "Film & TV" listing will no longer be maintained  from this point on and you should (instead) refer to the new "Movies & TV" listing, FOUND HERE, for an up-to-date summary of Roku channels in the "Film" and "TV" genre(s).


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Official Roku UK Channel Store - Overview

When it comes to what's on television, be it via a Roku player or otherwise, it should really boil down to the QUALITY and NOT QUANTITY of what's on offer, don't you agree?

That said, if what you get has both quality and quantity, then you really will be spoilt for choice !!

If you visited the Roku (UK) official site as of April 2017 you would have been greeted with an introduction that boasted of "over 2,000 channels and counting", which does (I'll admit) tend to emphasise quantity over quality, although the reality is such that there are now more than double that number of Roku channels (apps) available to UK Roku users from within the built-in channel store on *all* Roku UK devices. In terms of the quality for the available channels, there were references to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, NOW TV, Sky Sports, ITV Player, Demand 5, YouTube, BBC Sport and many more. Even so, whilst the likes of Netflix, BBC, NOW TV, etc. do offer a substantial amount of quality programming, you're still left wondering exactly what is meant by "and many more"...

So, with that in mind, I decided to continue with my blog by posting details of what you can expect from, firstly, the "Official" Roku (UK) Channel Store and then, later, from the wider market offered by the multitude of Roku "Private" Channels out there. I'll be getting down to the nitty gritty of the individual channels within specific genres another time but, for now, here's a list of the number of channels available in each 'genre' of the "Official" Roku (UK) Channel Store:-

Film & TV........................... 700 Channels
Games.............................. 187 Channels
Apps.................................. 51 Channels
Comedy.............................. 121 Channels
Educational......................... 124 Channels
Fitness.............................. 75 Channels
Food.................................. 158 Channels
International........................ 183 Channels
Kids & Family..................... 396 Channels
Lifestyle.............................. 265 Channels
News & Weather................ 160 Channels
Music................................ 299 Channels
Personal Media.................. 48 Channels
Photo Apps......................... 14 Channels
Religious.............................. 863 Channels
Sci & Tech......................... 60 Channels
Screensavers........................ 253 Channels
Shopping.............................. 18 Channels
Special Interest................... 359 Channels
Sports................................. 248 Channels
Themes.............................. 19 Channels
Travel................................. 217 Channels
Web Video......................... 98 Channels

TOTAL: 4,916 Channels

It should be noted that this total does not include the following:

Featured.............................. 21 Channels
New..................................... 154 Channels
Most Popular....................... 75 Channels

These have been omitted from the overall total because they are comprised entirely of channels which are featured in the main list of genres and, therefore, already part of the 4,916 channels therein. There is also a heading within the main menu on Roku player for "Home" (that was previously referred to as the "My Channels" sub-menu) which, as it's (original) name suggests, is comprised of whatever individual items (both 'official', i.e. 'public', and 'private' channels) have been added to the particular Roku account with which the Roku player is associated. Since that figure will vary from one Roku user to the next, I did not bother to include the number of "My Channels", or "Home" channels, here.


PLEASE NOTE:- These figures were last updated on Sunday 20th May 2018 with all details accurate as of Saturday 19th May 2018. Therefore, when viewing this list... you should ignore the original date of the post and, instead, refer to this section for precise details on when it was compiled.


So, that's the current state of play in terms of the sheer QUANTITY of channels you can expect from the UK version of the "Official" Roku (UK) Channel Store. Meanwhile, in case you are wondering, my next batch of posts are set to include basic listings for the various channel names within each of the aforementioned genres. For the sake of simplicity, I will stick to the order outlined above. So, if you want to know exactly what are the 700 channels which make up the "Film & TV" genre, you should make a point of visiting this blog again in the near future.

But, for now... that's all folks !!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Roku... To Buy, Or Not To Buy?

That, is the question.

So, if you're still unsure about what you'll get for your money when investing in a Roku streaming media player, especially if you're based here in the UK, then why not take a look at this YouTube video review posted by 'Techmoan' back in April 2012. It shows around one hundred channel icons, during the course of the review, and gives a good feel of what the Roku user interface is like. The good news is that, unlike many reviews, this one has actually been done by a Roku user based in the UK and, consequently, features a UK specific Roku Channel Store throughout the video.

I, personally, found this video review very useful when making my own buying decision for a Roku player and I thought I'd post it here for the benefit of other potential UK purchasers of the product. Needless to say, there have been many more channels added to the Roku (UK) Channel Store since the above review was posted but I intend to bring you all up to speed on what those are, over the coming weeks and months, on this blog.

Special thanks to 'Techmoan' for taking the trouble to post the review in the first place. Please feel free to check out the Techmoan Video Dump on YouTube for more useful gadget reviews.

Meanwhile, be sure to come back and check out my future posts on this blog, to find out more about exactly what's in the Roku (UK) Channel Store and what other Private Channels can be added to your Roku streaming media player, here in the UK.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ssshhhh !!! Don't Tell Anyone...

...but, Roku is now available in the UK.

Yes, really.

So, why is it so damn hard to find out exactly what you can watch on the UK version of this hugely popular (at least in the USA) streaming media player?

It's true that much has been written about the huge number of channels available for Roku users in the USA but, to date, there has been very little information provided to owners, or potential purchasers, of the Roku streaming media player here in the UK.

For that reason, I have decided to start this blog and post as much detail as I can about all of the available Roku channels (both official and private) that the UK has to offer. Hopefully this will prove to be a useful resource for all Roku users, both here in the UK and elsewhere around the world, as knowledge of which channels are, and are not, currently available becomes more widespread.

Please remember, however, that this blog is still very much in it's infancy & it might take a while for me to publish all of the information online. Hang in there, though, and I will show you that there is, indeed, "a ton of entertainment" in these little boxes... even the UK ones !!